I love words. I love how they sound strung together. I was pretty proud of my self when I thought of using Oh Hey Style as my business name. The three words sound pretty nice together. Smash Boom Pow are three other words that sound pretty cute together. They also happen to be the name of a local up and coming 3 piece rock band. I came across them by way of Finch’s teahouse, because the lead singer works there and is a person with a striking face and good hair. I asked Ulysses if I could cut his hair and take a few photos for my website. Lucky for me he obliged.

 UlyssesWhen we sat down to chat here’s what I learned:
  • He lives with AND plays in his band with his younger brother. They are 6 years apart and so growing up they weren’t as close as they are now.
  •  I was suprised when he said that the Beatles are one of his early musical influences. He played the cello until he picked up the guitar, and plays the piano too.
  • His inpiration comes from all over. “its not like I write an album of love songs” He spends a lot of time writing in a journal and is able to create melodies for almost anything that he writes and then transfer it to guitar. “all of the processes are familiar enough that is is easy to start from anyone of them.”
  • He describes the music as loud, he says his brother is a “beast on the drums and mild in person”.
 It turned out to be a fun morning. We met up saturday at Red Square Salon for the cut and photos. His hair before the cut was grown out quite a bit. I kept the basic style the same but gave him a high fade instead of the one length buzz on the sideshe’d had before. He said he’s been cutting it himself for a while now and was happy to be back in the salon again. After the cut we stepped out on to the fire escape to capture his look. When I asked if I could interniew him, I said “Hey, let’s pretend I am interviewing you for Rolling Stone!” How could any musican resist that!

Of course I had to give a listen to them before writting this post. I was happy I did. You should give a listen too!

  Smash Boom Pow is playing Friday October, 24th for the Biltmore‘s Hustle Fridays. The collaboration of art and music sounds “SMASH”ing!