Henry, a Rescue Pup.

If you have been in to see me at either of the two salons I have worked at while living in Vancouver you may have met Henry [and he may have stolen your heart]. This year I made my wife a calender of Henry for Christmas. I didn’t have it finished in time to put it under the tree and I am still in the process of getting it printed. henry one Aki (my wife) has always been moved to tears by the HEARTBREAKING stories of lost, abused and mistreated animals.  So, we decided to make  it available to everyone we know for a cost of aproximately $20 (Sliding scale available) each. All the procedes from Henry, a rescue pup… 2014 will be donated to the BC SPCA because this is our home, and as much as we’d like we can not adopt all of the little lost souls. henry two